TYPE Bike presents the new collection as part of Edition x by FABIAN FREYTAG! A touch of luxury, a light, elegant bike for balmy summer days and evenings for adults in a modern retro look. The bike is available in three frame sizes: 50cm, 53cm and 56cm and in the „Cruiser“ and „Fitness“ versions.

The Berlin architect and designer FABIAN FREYTAG created the bike in the style of Germany’s most popular oldie convertible, the Mercedes SL. Then as now, the glamorous and shiny chrome lines and shapes are fascinating: the SL was always intended more as a comfortable cruiser and that is exactly the intention with this noble bike. It deliberately has only one gear, which makes it extremely low-maintenance but easy to ride.

In addition, there is a vintage steel frame in chic pearl gold in three sizes from Italian stock, noble components with leather saddle and leather grips as well as the highest quality aluminium components. At less than 10 kilograms, it is very light and in terms of equipment we have focused on selecting the finest parts. It is the perfect bike for friends of purist cycling culture – without compromising on the quality of the individual parts.